Welcome to myWausaNews.commyWausaNews.com was developed for Wausa to provide a One-Stop Website.  People looking for information on Wausa News, Events and Businesses have an easy place to visit.

Started in November 2006, myWausaNews.com has experienced great growth of pageviews from users.  Those users are not just Wausa Residents, but from outside the area.  This shows that the web is truly the way people get their information on an area.

The staff at myWausaNews.com is always working to make the website fun, interactive and informative.  If you have an idea for the website or a story idea, send us an email at mywausanews@gmail.com.

Comments and Polls
myWausaNews.com wants everyone to be able to speak their mind on a topic and it’s easy to do!  Each story has a comments section.  Near the title you will see how many comments a story has.  To view them click on comments, the story pops up with the comments shown at the bottom.  You can leave your comment easily below the other comments.  Your name and email is not required but is nice to see.  All comments are moderated by a myWausaNews.com editor to insure a family friendly site.  Your comment will not show up to the public until approved.

Polls are another great way to have your voice heard.  Some stories will have a poll to get user input.  All you have to do is click on your choice and click on Vote! 

myWausaNews.com Contributor
Do you have a flare for writing?  If so you could become a myWausaNews.com Contributor with your own by-line.  Send your story, picture (optional) and what you would like for a by-line.  This is another great way for the world to know about a Wausa Story or Event going on in the community.

myWausaNews.com holds all editorial rights and can edit any article as needed to fit the needs of the website.  Not all articles can be published and myWausaNews.com reserves the right to hold stories to use at a later date.

Podcasting, is a method of publishing files to the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed or listen on a website and receive new files automatically by subscription, usually at no cost. It first became popular in 2005, used largely for audio and video files.  You do not need an iPod to listen to podcasts.  You can use any mp3 player or your computer to view.  To get the feeds directly downloaded to your computer when a new episode is added we recommend Juice or iTunes (coming soon).

myWausaNews.com has developed a video podcast called “The Scoop” and an audio podcast called “Not on the Radio”.  Both talk about Wausa and the area.  A high speed Internet Connection is recommended to watch or listen to podcasts because the file size is very large.  Dialup connections are very slow to load podcasts.